Plymouth Party Bus FAQ

Before you book one of our spectacular rentals for your next event in Plymouth, you can check here the general information people usually ask us about when it comes to our services. If this is your first time renting a luxury vehicle, this can be really helpful, but if you still have questions, our lines are always available.


Not only are you allowed to, but we provide "Just Married" signs and other special wedding day decor for you when you book your wedding day transportation with us. We also provide red carpet service, and bottled water for everyone in your party to stay hydrated, and more, subject to availability. A quick note: By law we can no longer provide champagne, as much as we would love to, the State of Michigan won't allow it. We will however provide sparkling cider if requested.

You can absolutely bring both! All of our stereos offer an auxiliary port, so if you can plug standard headphones into it, you can hook it up to our system. We suggest having your friends all bring their iPods and favorite CDs so you can swap and listen to everybody's favorites. That way you'll have more than enough music to get you through the night, and then some!


General Questions

Do we need to clean up the bus before we return it to you?

We do ask that you return the bus to us in the same condition that it was given to you in, so a quick removal of your bottles, cups, and belongings should do it. We also ask that you take any remaining alcohol with you, because we are not allowed by law to return it to you later.

Do we have to bring the bus back that night, or can we keep it well into the next day?

You are welcome to keep it as long as you wish! You'll be charged that same hourly rate for it, in fifteen minute increments, for as long as you keep it. Those smaller increments are so that you don't pay for a full hour that you didn't actually use. We want you to live it up and enjoy yourself, and if you can afford for the party to run into the next day, then why not? There will be no extra fees for doing so.

We booked our bus a little while ago, but now more people want to come with us. Can we switch to a larger party bus after we've already booked our trip?

As long as we have a larger party bus available for that date, it shouldn't be a problem. Just give us a call as early as you possibly can and we'll see what we can do. We'll always do everything we can to accommodate your needs, including making last-minute changes whenever necessary.

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