Plymouth Party Bus Prices

Our pricing policies

We keep our pricing flexible so you get the most value for your Limousine services!

Outside factors have an impact on our costs and your pricing will be the best value possible based on our current rates. This allows our services to be more readily available to a larger demographic. When our costs are driven down by lack of demand, lower fuel costs, and overall lower general operating costs... we subsequently lower our fees in order to give our valued clients the best value possible. It isn't in our best interests to grab as much as we can at all times, so when we're able to save; we like to pass along that savings to you!

In certain cases, you can take advantage of our early day package deals!

You'll be pleased to know that we do offer special package deals for certain "wedding" events:
We also offer a birthday package which, if it falls in the proper time slot,
may also qualify for a similar deal as our wedding package.
We are always happy to assist! Let us know if you have any special requirements, and we'll see what we can do to help.

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