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Without a doubt, Plymouth Party Bus' most popular events are bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and weddings. We also do a lot of birthdays and anniversary parties, as well as plenty of pub crawls, club hopping, bar hopping, and concerts. Party bus travel really lends itself to evening celebrations and wild parties, but you'd be surprised at the other kinds of events that are improved by having a professional chauffeur and a perfectly maintained party bus at your disposal! The aforementioned events make up the bulk of Plymouth Party Bus' business, but we also do plenty of business at annual events, such as those listed below. Our vehicles are versatile and make the for the perfect mode of transportation for absolutely any occasion! Pair that with our state wide service and there's nothing you can't celebrate when you have a Plymouth party bus!

Annual Detroit Events

international auto show

North American International Auto Show

downtown hoedown

Downtown Hoedown



Beyond those events, we also service plenty of corporate events, business lunches, conventions, and other small business and large corporate functions. There are so many smart reasons to rent a party bus for both your big as well as your small events, and if you're wondering if an event makes sense for our mode of travel, why not simply give us a call at 734-418-9072 or you could simply send us an email using the form at the bottom of this page, and we can discuss it? We can adapt our travel packages to fit just about any sort of event, and for special events like weddings, we have customized decor and other goodies that we know you will really enjoy!

Annual Plymouth Events

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