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Tigers Opening Day

Opening Day in Detroit is a big deal. A really big deal. People all over Michigan, and especially Detroit, celebrate in any number of ways. Some go to the game and go straight to Comerica Park, some tailgate for the day, some watch the game at a Detroit bar, local bar, or throw a party at their own home. Whatever you choose as your method of celebration, and Plymouth Party Bus is the icing on the cake!

Plymouth Party Bus is the perfect addition to absolutely any opening day celebration. We can take you downtown to the game, you can tailgate with the bus, we can take you to and from any bar, or we can transport guests to and from your personal party. Let's face it, Opening Day is going to involve you having a few drinks wherever you're watching the game at, and having a party bus at your disposal provides you with safe transportation and continuous party!

It's no secret that traffic on opening day is absolutely insane. Just another reason that a party bus is a great option! Frustrating traffic jams are the last thing you want to deal with on what's supposed to be a fun day, but in a party bus, you'll just be cracking the beers and relaxing! On the way home, you'll be doing the same thing - relaxing after a fun day rather than being annoyed at traffic. If you're tailgating, consider how different the experience will be with a party bus - you'll have an entire bus to relax on if you want a break from the crowd, there's a ton of cooler space so you can store much more beer than you could with a regular cooler, and you'll have our great service!

Opening day buses book quick, so call ASAP to schedule the best opening day you've ever celebrated with Plymouth Party Bus!

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